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    Revolutionize your Soroban testing withKeizai
    The open-source, Postman-inspired tool that takes Soroban smart contract testing to the next level.
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    Features 👋

    Key features that set us apart

    Built for Developers, Tailored for Soroban
    Feature 1

    Intelligent User Interface

    Keizai's user-friendly UI not only auto-loads contract information but also provides real-time event listening and helpful documentation, making it easier for you to focus on what matters most: building and testing your smart contracts.

    Feature 1

    Streamlined Testing Workflow

    From setting up collections to initiating contract invocations and running test scripts, Keizai offers a comprehensive suite of features that make the entire testing process intuitive and efficient.

    Feature 1

    Collaboration and Flexibility

    Designed for seamless team collaboration, Keizai enables easy import/export of collections and provides a variety of authentication options, making it a versatile and ever-evolving tool.

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